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          BIGGER VIBES

               NOMINMATED FOR

        Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album


                                   by the San Diego Music Awards

                                   Voting Opens May 15, 2021 visit






1995-Vinyl Combat

1995-Jayo Felony Underground

2012-Million Dollar Mixtape
2012-Road To Riches EP
2013-Ladies Only Mixtape
2014-Im A Star Mixtape
2018-Cash In Ep

2020 Walk Of Fame 

2020-Bigger Vibes

2020-Bigger Vibes Vol. Two

2021-Walk Of Fame 2

2021-Welcome To San Diego

The Toven
Morrell The Toven Coleman
The Toven 1
The Toven


Morrell Coleman aka The Toven was born and raised in Southeast San Diego Ca in the small neighborhood of Mount Hope where he grew up at in his childhood home at 830 41st. The Toven is no stranger to poverty and crime and at a very young age became a product of his environment. After being initiated into the Neighborhood Crip street gang which ultimately led to numerous stints behind bars, drug sales, gang related crimes, and several near death experiences, including a shooting which left The Toven wounded. The Toven has always been inspired to create music from an early age and often dreamed of winning a Grammy just as his idol Michael Jackson did.  In 1993 The Toven linked up with childhood friend Jayo Felony of the late Jason Mizell’s (Jam Maser J) label JMJ Records and in 1995 toured as a hypman on one of Hip Hops biggest events. The How Can I Be Down Convention. The Toven was first featured on DJ Rectangles Vinyl Combat and made an appearance on Jayo Felony's "Underground " album on the song titled "Do Lo Gang" released by Eureka Records in 1999. The Toven began pursuing a solo career  as both a rapper and a producer going on to record countless unreleased songs including several recorded with well known San Diego DJ, DJ Fingaz. The Toven has went on to release several mixtapes and ep's including his groundbreaking Walk Of Fame mixtape released February 7, 2020 on the Block Celebrity Label. The Toven's first full length Debut Album

Bigger Vibes Vol.1 ,which was released on 9/11/20 followed by his second album Bigger Vibes Vol.2. Adding to his discography The Toven released Walk Of Fame 2 on 2/7/21 on the one year anniversary of the release of Walk Of Fame 1. In 2021 Bigger Vibes was nominated for best Rap/Hip-Hop album of the year by the San Diego Music Awards